First of all, let our child develop the habit of rinsing with water as soon as possible after eating anything, and should carefully brush teeth twice a day, use dental floss once, and clean teeth every six months. It is best for parents to help our child brush before the age of seven, and before child is 10 years old, parental supervision and brushing are required. In order to ensure that the child’s teeth can be brushed clean, parents need to help child with brushing once every night.

Secondly, keep children away from carbonated drinks, soft drinks and juices. They not only stain the teeth, but also damage the enamel. Water and milk are recommended drinks for children.

Third, visit the dentist regularly to check the condition of teeth cleaning, and perform professional teeth cleaning if necessary.

These methods can prevent the teeth from turning yellow to the greatest extent. In order for our baby to grow beautiful teeth, parents must pay attention to it.

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