1. Make sure your baby is on his back with his feet at one end of the crib, not his head.
  2. Make sure the baby’s wrap is lower than the neck to avoid covering the baby’s face.
  3. Let the baby’s face not be covered when sleeping (no pillows, no quilts, no bed circumference, no wool pads, plush toys, etc.) on the bed.
  4. Wrap baby in light wrap only. The wrap can be cotton or muslin, rather than blankets or other thick, soft alternatives, as these can overheat easily.
  5. The wrap should not be too tight, and the buttocks, legs, and chest must be able to move freely (free movement of the chest refers to normal breathing movement).
  6. Adjust the way of swaddling. Once the baby’s “startle reflex” (hug reflex) disappears (the startle reflex is the newborn’s instinct to open his arms and hug when he is frightened), adjust the way of swaddling. exposed. Usually the “startle reflex” (“hug reflex”) disappears in about 3 months.
  7. When you find that the baby can turn over freely when playing, from supine to tummy (usually at 4-6 months), it is no longer necessary to wrap the baby and let it sleep.

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