In fact, the basic components of all milk contain fat, protein, micronutrients, lactose and water. Although we always think of milk when we mention milk, in fact, the milk of many other animals is also good in nutrition, but it is difficult to mass-produce, so the price is also high.

Both goat’s milk and cow’s milk provide rich nutrients for the human body, but goat milk may be more easily digested and absorbed by the human body. Many people think that goat milk is easier to digest because it is lactose-free, but in fact, goat milk contains a little less lactose than cow’s milk, but it is not lactose-free. The main reason why goat milk is easier to absorb is that it has less micro-proteins, which are harder to digest, and smaller fat molecules.

Both types of milk are very healthy dairy products, although goat milk may be a better choice for people with poor digestion.

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