Children’s cloth books have a history of nearly 100 years, and have become very popular in developed countries in the last 20 years or so, and are widely respected by experts in infant and toddler education, and are recognized as “the best soft educational books for small children”.

Cloth book features

Cloth books are more popular in some developed countries. The content of a variety of common animals, cars, fruits, etc., the image is very vivid. Cloth books are soft, three-dimensional, suitable for the baby’s small hands to grasp, grip, flip, so they are like playing with toys will not feel boring; this book is not afraid to be torn by the baby, dirty can also be washed.

Cloth books are printed with Chinese characters, Pinyin, English and Arabic characters. Babies can learn knowledge and skills through cloth books. Cloth book image is its most important feature, can make the baby’s quick thinking and finger flexibility; music cloth book (music cloth book) has a variety of musical instruments, some musical instruments will make the corresponding sound. Cloth book is a toy, but also a kind of learning supplies, the growth and development of infants and toddlers is very helpful.

Cloth book production

Children’s cloth books are sewn with cotton: cotton can print text, patterns, and not like plush toys will generate static electricity, dust, reducing the chances of dust allergies in babies.
Filled with cotton or sponge in the middle: to give the baby a soft, comfortable feeling and enhance the learning and playing fun.
With dolls, rattles, BBs, buckles, Velcro, safe toy mirrors, a variety of tactile training materials, etc., which are carefully arranged according to the needs of the learning function, combined with the content of the cloth book.
There are a variety of activity pieces inside, giving babies the space to actively perceive and explore ……

Cloth book advantages

Compared with plush, plastic, wooden toys, etc., generally speaking, cloth books have the following advantages.

  1. safer: embodied in non-toxic, soft, tearing, can eat and bite, not hurt hands, non-allergic, etc..
  2. more vibrant colors, a variety of activities dolls make fun, more interactive.
  3. through a variety of materials, dolls, a variety of activities and the combination of content, to provide a more fully active baby perception and exploration of space.
  4. according to the baby’s cognitive ability to adjust the use of the method, is a good prop for interactive games …

Cloth book disadvantages

Compared with paper books, children’s cloth books have the following advantages and disadvantages.

  1. children’s cloth books are really belong to the baby’s book! Is the baby’s own book! Is the baby’s initiative to perceive, explore the book!
  2. children’s cloth books are entertaining, interactive, paper books can not be compared.
  3. limited by the baby’s cognitive ability, any text in the baby’s eyes are identified as graphics, paper books are passive reading materials for babies to accept.
  4. children’s cloth books highlight the fun, interactive and participatory, providing a wider range of exploration space for babies, in line with their cognitive ability.
  5. children’s cloth books give babies a comprehensive training, can bring you unexpected gains;.
  6. the disadvantage is: the production process is complex, the high cost of production, the market price is high. Brands


The content of children’s cloth books is seen as too simple is the biggest misconception about cloth books! Children’s cloth books are designed according to the baby’s cognitive ability, is the baby’s own book, should stand in the baby’s perspective to understand cloth books;

baby’s learning, exploration and growth process is quietly, slowly, no obvious destination, but in which the baby’s comprehensive ability is also in no obvious traces of improvement; when your baby sees a cloth book, point to it, reach for it, turn the pages, pick up the book When your baby sees a cloth book, points to it, reaches for it, turns the page, picks up the bear in the book, this small action establishes 6 kinds of connections stored in the brain, the baby’s thinking ability is in such a small process to improve…