Here are 5 signs that your child is ready for night training:

  1. The child is 3-4 years old;
  2. The diapers are often dry during the day, and there are few accidents;
  3. No need to use diapers during the day, it has been 6 to 12 months;
  4. When waking up, the diapers are often dry;
  5. The child begins to refuse to wear a diaper at night or asks not to wear a diaper.

If you want to try night training, the first two are important, the rest are not necessary. If you believe your child is ready, start doing some preparations!

The main preparations include:Baby Bodysuit 

  1. Prepare a breathable diaper pad under the sheets. You can also lay an extra layer of sheets and put a diaper pad between the two sheets. In this way, if the bed sheet is wet at night, the upper layer of the wet bed sheet and the diaper pad can be directly uncovered;
  2. You can put a small toilet in the bedroom;
  3. A small night light for convenient night lighting;

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