1. Choose plain boiled water
    Avoid sugary drinks as much as possible, plain boiled water is always best. It is very important for children to form a habit of drinking plain boiled water from an early age, to help children get a healthy body shape and good teeth.
  2. Enrich the taste of food
    It is very important to let children try a variety of foods as early as possible (after 6 months of complementary foods). Rich foods can ensure comprehensive nutrition. In addition, “early exposure” may reduce children’s picky eating. Some studies in recent years have also found that , Early addition of some allergy-prone foods, such as eggs and peanuts, make children less likely to be allergic to them.
  3. Save sweets for special occasions
    Giving your child some less healthy foods as a special souvenir instead of eating them often can help your child cut down on a lot of sugar, salt, and fried foods. For example, you can eat a piece of chocolate after being vaccinated to celebrate the bravery of your child; when you travel to your destination, you don’t ask for a hug, and there will be a marshmallow to commemorate it.
  4. Healthy foods instead of sweets
    Instead of giving candy to your child, eat dried fruit as a candy substitute. Children can get the sweet “sugar” they want and get some corresponding nutrients. For example, dried apricots are high in potassium, and raisins are high in iron and dietary fiber. These dried fruits are convenient to carry when they go out. And delicious.
  5. Vegetables are not just “dishes” that can be eaten at the dinner table
    Eating vegetables is not just for lunch and dinner, it can be eaten throughout the day! Make a smoothie with vegetables and fruit to boost your intake of some vegetables. This makes a great morning or afternoon snack!

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In addition, it is very important that some babies are woken up at night soon after birth. If