Cloth book has a history of nearly 100 years. It has been very popular in developed countries for more than 20 years and has been widely praised by experts in infant and child education. It has been recognized as “the best soft educational book for babies”.

The cloth book is sewn with cotton cloth: text and patterns can be printed on the cotton cloth, and it does not generate static electricity and contaminate dust like plush toys, which reduces the chance of baby’s dust allergy; the middle filling cotton or sponge: bring softness to the baby , Comfortable feeling, enhance the fun of learning and playing; equipped with dolls, rattles, BB devices, buckles, Velcro, safe toy mirrors, a variety of tactile training materials, etc., this is based on the needs of learning functions, combined with cloth The content of the book is carefully arranged; there are a variety of movable parts inside, which provide the baby with space for active perception and exploration.

Compared with plush, plastic, wooden toys, etc., cloth books generally have the following advantages:

  1. Cloth book is a book that really belongs to the baby! It is the baby’s own book! It is the book that the baby actively perceives and discovers!

2. Cloth books are highly entertaining and interactive, and paper books are incomparable;

3. Safer: it is non-toxic, soft, not torn, can be eaten and bitten, not hurting hands, not allergic, etc.;

4. The cloth book gives your baby a comprehensive training, which can bring you unexpected gains;

5. The colors are more vivid, and the method of use can be adjusted according to the baby’s cognitive ability. It is a good prop for interactive games…

6. Through the combination of a variety of materials, dolls, a variety of movable parts and content, it provides the baby with a more adequate space for active perception and detection;

Interest is the prerequisite for cultivating babies to read, and it is also the biggest motivation for babies to explore things. The biggest advantage of cloth book is to solve the problem of baby’s interest in reading, rather than simply not tearing, not biting, and easy to clean. We know that the best early education is the education to develop children’s brain intelligence. There is no standard story version for each book. This is room for you and your baby to play. In the process of “learning and playing”, it is very important to encourage your baby’s every slight progress.

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