Brush your teeth before you eat: Bacteria metabolize food to produce acids, which can lead to tooth decay. The saliva in the mouth can neutralize part of the acid, but there is very little saliva secretion at night, but the bacteria increase in the long night. If we don’t brush our teeth, the bacteria can quickly use the residue left in our mouth by breakfast, and metabolize it. Lots of acid.

Brush your teeth after eating: If you brush your teeth after breakfast, the acidification reaction has already occurred. When the pH value of the mouth is lower than 5.5, the surface tissue of the teeth has been softened. If you brush your teeth again at this time, it may further lead to the loss of tooth minerals when the breakfast food has already caused a certain erosion. Brushing your teeth at this time will greatly reduce the effect of fluoride in toothpaste on protecting your teeth.

The best way is to brush your teeth before meals and rinse your mouth after meals.

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