Shortly after perfect both parents, Raj turns out that have a giant boost in allowance regarding each other his separated mothers

From inside the “The fresh new Graduation Alert”, Raj’s dad threatens to chop your regarding immediately following he spends also a lot of their cash on good drone (which was intended to be used to pay Raj’s month-to-month rent).

In “New Allowance Evaporation”, Raj shortly after conference their ex-girlfriends just who said he had been too bad and you may a Momma’s boy, tells his father he was not providing anything out of your. Their father was happier one to his past only unmarred offspring was likely to stand on his very own a couple base.

Leonard Hofstadter [ ]

Leonard and you can Raj satisfy on college or university since found for the a flashback from inside the “The fresh Steps Implementation” therefore was developed clear during the “The fresh new Jerusalem Duality”, each other Raj and you may Howard such as Leonard, and simply installed out that have Sheldon as they didn’t come with other choices, the two receive becoming close friends. No matter if, Raj takes enjoy Leonard’s issues with Penny and you will gets a bit adversarial that have him as he times his sibling, Priya. Even after his habit of tease Leonard regarding the their girlfriend issues, he is supportive of his and Penny’s matchmaking and sometimes effort discover him to help you break up that have Priya (often making use of their subdued manipulative processes, such as feeding his paranoia regarding the one or two women contrasting cards on their sex lifetime). Raj feels envious assuming Leonard and you can Howard play with his suggestions for enjoyable and you may deliberately treat your. Raj has said one Leonard only hangs out that have your when the he has not any other solutions, and also skipped your (“Brand new Pasta Stimulant”). Whenever Sheldon and you may Cent were indisposed, Leonard grabbed ab muscles appreciative Raj that have your in order to Switzerland to possess a visit to the large Hadron Collider just after both Cent and you can Sheldon slip ill (“The huge Hadron Collision”). They generally just be sure to assist each other. During the “The latest Night out Adjustable”, Raj hangs away which have Leonard and you can Cent on the date and you can will get trashed when he tries to rating Cent to share with Leonard one she wants him. Into the “New Cooper Removal”, Amy explains towards the group that every of those create perhaps not discover each other if the Sheldon wasn’t part of the lives. Since Leonard isn’t into the Apartment 4A, Raj envisions them traditions together; although not, Leonard was weight due to Raj’s cooking and Leonard’s loneliness; Leonard can make Raj fat throughout the story and work out things also. Inside “The fresh Clean Room Infiltration”, Raj support Leonard and Howard rating good bird out from the university’s brush place. When you’re truth be told there, they both concur that he could be wiser than simply Howard, and therefore he had been the one indirectly accountable for enabling the fresh bird to the. During the “The brand new Meteorite Manifestation”, Bert desires Raj’s help reducing unlock a beneficial meteorite with a ring noticed. Leonard desires to exercise with his laserlight, however, Bert declines.

Sheldon Cooper [ ]

Essentially, Raj is more patient with Sheldon than Leonard, Howard and Cent- regardless of if this particular fact is partially as Sheldon does not criticize him quite as commonly since someone else, he’s best friends. Same as men and women, he knew Sheldon was an excellent nutcase and you will an arrogant jerk. When expected, the guy says simply because of his religion in the Karma. Sheldon, not, appears oblivious, as he once attempted to take off Raj out of his community off relatives and work out room to own Barry Kripke and since Raj got one answer for his questionnaire completely wrong. Raj try frightened during the possibility of shedding Sheldon because an effective pal, and soon after fears if he or she is simply brand new “loved associate.” However, method deep-down the guy disliked Sheldon. Sheldon detests they whenever Raj are talking in his ear, even if the guy does appreciate Raj’s terminology. Just in case Raj was distressed, Sheldon will bring him a hot beverage to system him, even though this operate is mainly because their mommy would make him. Inside the “The fresh Roomie Transmogrification”, Raj turns out to be a much better roomie so you’re able to Sheldon than Leonard are, when he is out of their answer to impress him. Given Raj a friend, Sheldon has actually the fresh new cultural variety he leads to regarding group additionally the fact that the guy as well enjoys monkeys and you will trains. Throughout the occurrence “New Pirate Provider”, when Raj’s search strikes a-dead end, Sheldon also provides Raj the opportunity to benefit your, which he later on allows. Raj become helping Sheldon, and so they periodically conflict. Raj keeps which he does not work for Sheldon, however with him and you can Sheldon believes on contrary, and make Raj as the person that works for/that have Sheldon. They also have a geek battle along the extremely large desk Raj gone to your their work environment- even if Raj initially appears to be profitable, the attempts to one to-right up one another sooner result in the place of work in order to burst. This step is seen during the “The latest Scorching Troll Deviation”. Despite Sheldon takes over an alternative office and you can Raj gets to store the one they share to have themselves, they still work to each other into particular days, also coming to the fresh new university’s observatory laboratory and discover an enthusiastic asteroid, and you may powering a representation for when they’ve commit inside a mine afterwards. Into the “The newest Comical-Scam Conundrum”, Raj appoints Sheldon is business manager since the Raj should real time on his own salary. Sheldon instantaneously says to Raj which he can not go to Comical-Swindle which you to 12 months.