There is no certain order to add complementary foods, and there is no need to limit the types of foods added. Only rich foods can provide comprehensive nutrition, as long as the initially added complementary foods include iron-rich foods. The right amount of iron, zinc, fat, protein, vitamins and other trace elements is very important to the baby, so we should introduce high-nutrient-density and rich foods for the baby as a supplement.

One thing to note, if the baby is exclusively breastfed, it may be better to add meat early. Because there is very little iron in breast milk, babies mainly rely on the iron brought from their mothers at birth to maintain their growth and development. After starting to add complementary foods, they need iron-rich foods, and meat contains easy-to-absorb foods of iron and zinc. If it is a formula-fed baby, because the formula milk has strengthened iron, the demand for high-iron supplementary food is not as urgent as that of a breast-milk baby.

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