People tend to be more wary of “chocolate” than other candies, which seem to be more harmful, when in fact you can give your kids chocolate when you think you can. Even, chocolate is a better “candy” than a variety of candies.

Cocoa beans, the main ingredient in the production of chocolate, contain an antibacterial ingredient that may help prevent dental caries. The main contributor to the risk of tooth decay is the added sugar in chocolate, but chocolate can be high or low in sugar. Low-sugar chocolate made from cocoa butter rather than cocoa butter substitutes is a relatively healthy option.

Any kind of food that stays in the mouth for a long time can increase the risk of tooth decay, but chocolate dissolves faster than many other sugar cubes, it is not easy to stick to the teeth, and the residual chocolate in the mouth can be easily removed by gargling with water , thus reducing the probability of chocolate destroying tooth enamel and resulting in dental caries. Therefore, in comparison, sticky candies such as brown sugar and toffee should really be eaten less.

Of course, regardless of whether the ingredients in chocolate are antibacterial and prevent dental caries, it is still a high-energy food with sugar, and you still need to limit consumption and try to rinse your mouth with water as soon as possible after eating.

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