Lots of moms use swaddle blanket to help baby sleep better. It makes babies feel safe and reduces their startle reflex. How to pick up the suitable swaddle blanket? The main features you would need to consider are the material and size.
Fabric: From our experience, we recommend soft (organic) cotton or bamboo. Bamboo is super soft and antimicrobial, so it’s not abrasive to the skin, and helps to keep them from harmful microbes. The only drawback with bamboo is that it is not as durable compared to cotton. So we addressed this by using a mix of 70% bamboo 30% cotton, so that you can enjoy all the awesome benefits of bamboo without compromising the durability.
Swaddle blanket size: There are two main types of swaddle blankets: Squares (4747 inches) and rectangle (4060 inches) swaddles. They are both the convenient sizes for mums.
Tips: You should look to stop swaddling when your baby is around 2-3 months, before he intentionally starts to roll.