When a child is growing up, crawling is a very meaningful process. Crawling is a transitional posture from lying down to standing, which requires us to be patient and guide step by step, because this is an important skill for little babies.

Because crawling allows the baby to explore a wider range, and all the explorations of the baby are meaningful, all of which are exercise and learning. The development of each ability of the baby promotes the development of other abilities.

However, parents of children who walk away without crawling need not worry too much. Some articles say that the baby does not crawl, which will lead to weak balance, limbs, sensory incoordination, poor sense of space, etc., and there is no scientific basis.

We try our best to encourage and do what the parents can do, and let the baby “open up” for the rest. It doesn’t matter if you leave without climbing. Every baby has its own unique growth process.

During the period of helping the baby to crawl, in addition to the companionship of parents, you can also use some toys and auxiliary tools, such as crawling pads, spherical toys, etc., hoping to help the babies who are learning to crawl or are about to learn to crawl.

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