It is good for quilts, towels, clothing, plush toys, etc. to be exposed to the sun. First, it can keep dry and inhibit bacterial reproduction. Second, the ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill some germs and mites.

But not everything is suitable for high temperature drying or exposure, such as some plastic products that cannot withstand high temperature. Prolonged exposure to the sun may deform plastic products and release harmful substances in plastics.

In order to effectively remove germs, unless the material of the clothes has special requirements, the water temperature for washing clothes, towels, plush toys needs to reach at least 60 Baby Swaddle Wrap degrees Celsius, and it is best to use a washing machine. If the water temperature is less than 60 degrees, you need to use a disinfectant such as household bleach to help sterilize and inhibit bacteria. Our adjustable swaddle wrap features secure hook & loop closures for a safer sleep and adjustable wings to ensure a cozy, snug fit and womb-like feeling every use. Swaddling helps to promote better sleep by reducing the startle reflex that can wake baby so everyone can sleep peaceful and sound all through the night.

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