Children under the age of six months do not need additional drinking water, just milk is enough. Breast milk is actually an electrolyte-balanced drink, the perfect combination of water, minerals and nutrients to keep your baby healthy. Giving water to babies younger than 6 months can upset this balance, resulting in children with low sodium levels, or overhydration. Babies’ kidneys are immature and cannot filter out excess water like adult kidneys do. So if there is too much water in the body, the excess water will dilute the blood and cause electrolyte imbalances that affect cell function. Therefore, frequent feeding of water to infants under 6 months, or feeding excessively diluted formula, can easily lead to developmental delays in children. The reason for giving water to babies over six months old is not to “replenish water” as the main purpose, but more to “learn to use a cup” and “form a habit of drinking plain water” to protect oral health and avoid present and Obesity in the future lays the foundation for a “habit” of lifelong health.

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