For baby, playtime is learning time with their toys. Our Rubber duck is a great companion to babies. Please find the following pictures, we have many available designs, like frogs, whales, octopuses, chickens, crabs, penguins, Clownfish, pigs and so on, those can help to teach baby animal types, colors and more!

It’s easy grip for little hands, the best gift for babies. Many parents thought it was perfect present for the young family or small swimmer. You can choose any designs you like to make the combination. You can also pair rubber bath toy with bath books , cloth books, play mats or other baby products, it will become a bright spot for customers.

Our rubber toys are always safe for little one! The bath toy is made of eco-friendly PVC material with soft touch. After bath time, the toys dry off and stay odor, slime, and mold-free!

Bath toy can be with squeaker to make sound,or with open part to spray water or with light inside. It can be customized shape,size,colors. Package is normally opp bag or net bag,custom package is OK to do.

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