01. Babies have much more bones than adults.

02. Babies are born yoga masters.

Chewing toes, frogs lying on their stomachs, rubbing and rolling on their stomachs are all easy tasks, because the baby’s bones have not yet been shaped.

03. Baby can breathe while drinking milk!

04. Babies under about 6 months of age will instinctively hold their breath underwater and show a “swimming reflex”.

05. A few days before the baby is born, the weight will not increase but will drop.

06. All babies are picky eaters;

On average, babies need to try 12 full times before they can accept 1 new food. Even if the child does not want to eat a certain food, please continue to give it to the baby!

07. In the first six months after the baby is born, no additional drinking water is needed, milk is enough.

08. The baby’s first poop is not smelly! The newborn fetus is basically free of intestinal bacteria.

09. Newborns may lactate. It is normal for a newborn’s breast to ooze a small amount of milky substance. Approximately 5% of newborns (both men and women) will experience “lactation”.

10. Newborn babies are farsighted. By the time they are five months to one year old, they will gradually be able to see farther things clearly.

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