After the newborn is born, the baby’s daily necessities should be prepared, so what should be necessary to prepare? 

Essential items for newborns:

  1. 5 or 6 sets of cotton baby rompers: side snap romper, thin romper, 3 or 4 sets of thicker rompers.
  2. 2 muslin swaddle wraps, 2 thicker baby blankets.
  3. A bath towel, 3 or 4 baby towels, a tub, baby shower gel, baby shampoo.
  4. 12 muslin diapers, 30-40 paper diapers.
  5. 2 or 3 packets of baby wipes.
  6. 2 bottles (one for drinking water and one for milk), a small bag of powdered milk. 
  7. A thermometer, a milk pot, a bottle brush.

Baby Care