Baby sleeping bag

The baby sleeps unconsciously and likes to kick the quilt. If the parent does not cover the quilt in time, the baby will have diarrhea due to cold abdomen. And after the baby puts on the sleeping bag, no matter how he rolls over without revealing his belly, parents don’t have to worry that the baby will catch a cold.

After the baby is born, there will be frequent startles, which is a normal physiological reaction of the baby’s lack of security. However, when the baby has a startle reaction, it is easy to wake him up. He often wears a sleeping bag for the baby. After the baby jumps, the warmth and wrapping that the sleeping bag brings to him can make him feel more secure in a warm atmosphere.

Baby milestone blanket

A milestone blanket that can record every moment of your baby’s growth, and the recorded photos can be made into a souvenir book, which is the best gift for your baby.

A blanket with so many uses can be used as a baby photo wall or as a warm blanket.

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