At different stages of growth, children’s needs for sleep are very different. Usually, newborns spend most of the day in a sleep state. As the child grows up, the sleep time will gradually shorten.

0-1 years old

At 4 months, most babies have begun to form a more regular sleep.

4-6 months, babies usually take 2-3 naps during the day, 30 minutes to 2 hours each time.

6-12 months, babies usually take two naps during the day, some only sleep 20 minutes at a time, but some have to sleep for 1-3 hours.

1-3 years old

Take a nap (1-3 hours). Individual children over 1 year old may have to sleep twice during the day.

3-13 years old

Take a nap (1 hour). If the child’s nap during the day does not affect the night’s sleep, he can continue to let the child take a nap and enjoy the benefits of the nap.

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